Intermediary Heat of the Science and Technology Innovation Competition ended

Yesterday (August 4), the third intermediary heat of the sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Jiangmen Division) and 2017 Jiangmen "Science and Technology Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in the CIMC Modular Building Research Institute (CIMC Think Tanks). More than 30 enterprises participated in the competition, including two industries of advanced manufacturing, new energy and energy saving and environmental protection. Ultimately, in the advanced manufacturing industry, Jiangmen Junjie Tools Technology Co., Ltd. and other 6 growing group enterprises and Guangdong HanYing Laser Technology Co., Ltd. and 3 start-up group gained promotion. And in the industry of new energy, energy-saving and environmental-protection, Jiangmen LvRun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other 3 growing group enterprises and a start-up group enterprise Jiangmen City LvYuan Technology Co., Ltd. gained promotion.

Three competitions of the intermediary heat has been completed then. With 90 enterprises’ participation, 37 gained promotion to the section of site investigation (26 in growing group, 11 in start-up group) after three competitions. According to reports, only through the site investigation are the enterprises eligible to participate in the final "scrum" . There are only 22 quotas in the final heat (17 in growing group, 5 in start-up group), each of which will acquire support funds.

This year, in order to connect to the national and provincial competition, while increasing support for small and micro-size enterprises and accelerating the implementation of projects of innovation teams in Jiangmen, Jiangmen innovation and entrepreneurship competition is carried out only with enterprises, with more specific requirements about the size of enterprises, founding time and other issues, and the competition was divided into growing group and start-up group. The intermediary heat is held in three sessions according to the industries.


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