Jiangmen celebrates the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Army

Last night (August 1) 8:00, Jiangmen held the soiree of the 90th anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in the Jiangmen Acting Center Opera House. Secretary of the Municipal Committee, director of the Municipal National People Congress, prime party secretary of the Jiangmen Military Division Lin Yingwu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee, mayor Liu Yi, and municipal governors including Zhou Wei Wan, Zhang Yuanxing, Feng Lijian, Zhou Huihong, Wei Zhiping, Liang Xuzan, commander of Jiangmen Military Division, Lieutenant Cheng Daxin, political commissar Lieutenant Chang Qinghua and more than 1,000 garrison offices, soldiers and people from all walks of life watched the show.

The soiree began with the in the magnificent drums of "Strong War Drums". Bright uniforms and inspiring drums made the audience excited and touched. The soiree lasted one and a half hours, divided into "tough time", "sacred mission", "rapport between fish and water", "new chapter of the strong army" four chapters, a total of 15 programs. More than 400 people took part in the perforation, including 240 officers and soldiers. The repertoire mainly consisted of shows the military units submitted, and also included those by many well-known artists from Guangdong and Jiangmen. The soiree demonstrated Jiangmen’s achievements in party management of arms, rapport between the army and the people, joint effort in construction and other issues; hymned the glorious history of the people's army, showed the verve of contemporary revolutionary soldiers, and reflected the new era of the mutual affection of the army and the people.

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