Municipal governors carried out the inspection of Civilized City Establishment

Yesterday (July 27), in order to check Jiangmen’s progress in deepening the establishment of national civilized city, member of Municipal Committee, minister of Propaganda Department Zhou Huihong with the associates conducted an unannounced inspection to Dafang Travel Agency, Exili Community, Yangqiao Market, Jiang Tsui Community, Chuangyi Cybercafe, Haichao Cybercafe, Ganhua Village and other places, and put forward a series of specific rectification opinions over "six irregularities", illicit vehicle parking, ill management of farm product market and other issues found in the inspection.

In Dafang Travel Agency, the reporter noted that the store has a special civilized service post outside, and a special duty, for customer guidance. Meanwhile, inside there are many brochures about civilized city according to the standard. Zhou Huigong pointed out that it is worth promoting. At the same time, she asked that travel agencies ought to make full use of the civilized service post, to conduct propaganda to mobilize the public to participate in the establishment of civilized city.

When it comes to the illicit vehicle parking, Zhou Huihong required, that if new car park can not be built, we should make full use of the existing vacancies to organize the parking spaces, and set up a clear logo to standardize the management. Over the problems of road-hog business, messy debris placement, throwing things down and other issues, Zhou Huigong required, that all the relevant departments should immediately react, carry out home publicity from door to door, to ensure that the public know the establishment of national civilized city of Jiangmen, and at the same time, strengthen the supervision and management, ordered the peddler to rectify.

Zhou Huihong stressed that the deepening of civilized city establishment is the focus of recent work. Next, all levels of departments should concentrate on specific work of the establishment, arrange the tasks according to the schedule and implement the duty.

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