Lin Yingwu inspected the water protection of the Xijiang River

Yesterday morning, the municipal party committee secretary, municipal NPC Standing Committee Director Lin Yingwu, as the chief river director of Jiangmen and the municipal river director of the Jiangmen segment of Xijiang River, inspected at the scene the water protection of Xijiang River. Lin Yingwu emphasized that Xijiang River is an important drinking water source of Jiangmen urban area, so to protect of Xijiang water is to protect the living safety of the people. The municipal departments at all levels must suffiently understand the significance of the implementation of the river director system and the reinforcement of comprehensive river management, take the system as a starting point, and constantly strengthen the water eco-environmental quality protection.

At that day, Lin Yingwu first came to Shaping estuary to inspect water environmental protection, then investigated water environment of Xijiang by boat. After that, he held the forum at the Jiangxin flood control and materials reserve center, listened to reports of the implementation of river director system from Pengjiang District, Jianghai District, Xinhui District and Heshan City, and researched to solve the problems about embankment reinforcement, pollution interception and management and other issues. It is understood that the length of Xijiang River across Jiangmen is 91 km, and there are 5 branches of Haizhou waterway, Beijie waterway, Modaomen waterway, Mahe Creek and Laolao Creek, a total length of 50 km.

"As the municipal river director of the Jiangmen segment of Xijiang River, I will inspect along the Xijiang River bank once a month, with three lists of monthly water quality, monthly implementation of river director system in three districts and one city and monthly problem solution, to promote the implementation of the system." Lin Yingwu stressed that Jiangmen has entered the main flood season, the prevention of wind and rainstorm is also in a critical period, so the defensive situation is more severe. The relevant departments at all levels should strictly implement the responsibility, strengthen the line of duty and warning judgment, spare no effort to prevent the flood and wind, and put the personnel safety in the first place to ensure the people's lives and property safety.

Municipal governors Feng Lijian, Liang Xuzan participated in the inspection activities.



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