The Semi-Finals of Innovation-Enterprise Competition Started

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal science and technology bureau, the shortlist of enterprises in the Sixth China Innovation-Enterprise Competition (Guangdong Jiangmen Division) and 2017 Jiangmen "Science and Technology Cup" Innovation-Enterprise Competition semi-finals has been officially released. In the 188 applicants, 90 reached the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be officially launched on 28th this month.


According to reports, since its beginning in April, the competition has attracted 188 local and foreign enterprises to apply for entry. Recently, with the preliminary assessment completed, 90 enterprises were on the shortlist of the semi-finals jointly held by provincial and municipal governments. According to the municipal program, combined with the requirements of the provincial organizing committee, the semi-finalists will be respectively recommended for promotion based on the circumstances in the audition. The semi-finals will be presented in the form of PPT and defense.


Because there are many enterprises and the distribution is relatively wide, the semi-finals will be divided into three days. On July 28 the competition of Internet, mobile Internet and electronic information will be held in the Long Rui Enterprise Incubator Development Co., Ltd.; on August 2 the competition of new materials and biomedical will be held in Guangdong Honggu Environmental Protection New Material Incubator Co., Ltd.; finally the competition of advanced manufacturing, new energy and energy saving will be held in the Zhongji modular building research institute(Zhongji think tanks). According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal science and technology bureau, for the uneven distribution of each industry, in order to be fair, the number of enterprises in each industry will be controlled at about 40%. "Before the competitons, we will organize a semi-finals training for the enterprises to convey some dos and don’ts and skills."


According to reports, this time enterprises have the opportunity to qualify for the Sixth China Innovation-Enterprise Competition (Guangdong Division) final, and even national competition.

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