The transport ministry has been strengthening supervision

In order to strengthen waterage market supervision in Jiangmen and implement the duty of fighting against smuggling, this year, municipal transport bureau combined industry management, strengthened cooperation with relevant departments, and carry out the combat against smuggling in transport industry. This year, municipal transport bureau has checked 73 port enterprises, 14 water transport enterprises, 18 passenger and cargo terminals, 11 operating ships of each kind, and found no transport smuggling.


This year, municipal transport ministry has continued to reinforce daily inspections to assist in anti-smuggling operations. Focusing on the supervision in stations and water transport enterprises, ministry of port management and ministry of comprehensive law enforcement carried out the inspection in both fields in their precincts. Meanwhile, they combined industry management, reinforced the supervision and inspection, urged the shipping enterprises to establish and improve the information of ships and archives, paid close attention to the ship's course and heading, and strengthened the dynamic supervision of the operation of ships to prevent smuggling with ships.


In addition, municipal transport bureau will continue to build and improve the "Jiangmen Transport Bureau Terminal comprehensive information management platform" function, use terminal electronic monitoring equipment to access to information platform in achieving real-time monitoring of the terminal site operations, strengthen dynamic control of the safety of terminal production; increase the enterprise attendance record filter conditions, inspection log, monitoring and other functional modules, in order to provide effective protection to combat smuggling. At the same time, enhance propaganda to improve the anti-smuggling consciousness of the masses.

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