2017 Jiangmen Reading Culture Festival Closed

The three-day gala of 2017 Southern Literary Festival(Jiangmen Branch Venue) and Jiangmen Reading Culture Festival came to an end yesterday (July 9). Since the opening on July 7, the Jiangmen Reading Culture Festival has "detonated" the whole city’s reading fever, as many people in the festival brought their favorite books back and brought reading to life. According to statistics, the festival this year attracted a total of 60,000 people to enjoy reading.

It is reported that with the promotion of the activities concerning reading, the literary atmosphere in the society is getting increasingly strong. Reading can be seen everywhere, whether in libraries or in bookstores. The festival for years will continue to inspire the public reading enthusiasm.

Yesterday was the last day of the festival, but as the reporter saw at the scene, people poured in constantly and the activities were still abundant and colorful. In addition to reading and books-buying, congenial people could be found here who loved reading and sharing.

"Reading can make yourself quiet in busy life, which is an important reason why I love reading. The festival is of great meaning, providing an opportunity for many people who love reading to gather, display and exchange." Wang Weijie said.

Reporters learned that seven 24-hour self-service libraries in Pengjiang District came into service this year, highly recognized and acclaimed by the public.


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