Jiangmen planned to build 29 community rehabilitation centers

Yesterday, the fifth assembly of the sixth Jiangmen Disabled Persons’ Federation(JDPF) and Jiangmen work conference of disabled persons was held, vice mayor Liang Xuzan was appointed the sixth chairman of JDPF, and the sixth chairman and vice chairman of the executive board were elected and appointed.


The assembly requested that in the second half of this year, Jiangmen should focus on building the overall framework of the disabled community service, 29 community rehabilitation centers are to built; before the end of the year, at least 1 community rehabilitation center should be built in each town(street), that is, 94 community rehabilitation centers in Jiangmen. At the same time, we should promote the standardization of services in the centers and the institutional evaluation mechanism of the community, improve the social operation of the community rehabilitation center services, and advance the quality and efficiency of care services.


At the meeting, Liang Xuzan pointed out that this year we should focus on the following aspects: scientifically compile the disabled "thirteen five" plan, forge "bright point" work, create an exemplary experience for the whole province as well as the entire country, and promote Jiangmen’s overall work of disabled to be at the forefront of Guangdong as well as China; highlight the focus on people's livelihood of which to complete the network construction of community rehabilitation center is the most important part, and meanwhile strengthen the standardization and regularization of management, create "Model project" of disabled communities and home services; make full use of media, tranditional or new, take initiative to establish a favorable atmosphere of helping the disabled in the whole society.

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