Customs clearance integration was formally implemented

10 a.m. on July 1, on-site officers in Jiangmen Customs received a declaration information of export sponge mattress from an enterprise in Jiangmen, merely taking 16 seconds from the declaration to release. This is the first declaration conducted by Jiangmen Customs since July 1 when the national customs clearance integration was official triggered, marking the formal integration of Jiangmen customs clearance into the national system.

As reporters learned from the Jiangmen Customs, customs clearance integration was implemented nationwide, and enterprises can complete the declaration, tax and other customs procedures at any one of the customs(including Jiangmen Customs). At that day, Jiangmen Customs released 254 customs declarations in total, operating smoothly for the first day.

According to reports, the national integration reform of customs clearance, replacing the current linear procedure of "accept the declaration- examine- inspect- tax- release" with a new customs management model of "declaration once, disposal step by step". National Customs set up a risk prevention and control center and a tax collection and management center, to achieve the centralized, unitified and intelligent disposal of risk prevention and control, tax collection and management and other key businesses. The reform will bring more dividends to enterprises. From the perspective of geographical distribution, enterprises can declare at anywhere nationwide, as the customs restrictions are eliminated; from the perspective of efficiency, the reform simplifies the procedures of port clearance, compresses the port clearance time and reduces the cost of clearancefrom the perspective of law enforcement, policies and regulations of national customs clearance share the same standard, as well as the enforcement.


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