City Monitoring Center of Citizen Health will offer "exercise prescription" free of charge for the public

Yesterday, the Municipal Sports Bureau held the briefing of city monitoring work for citizen health. According to reports, since January 1 this year, the City Monitoring Center of Citizen Health has offered physical test services to more than 1,600 people. In addition, the City Monitoring Center of Citizen Health adjusted the opening time from Monday to Friday to Wednesday to Sunday.


Located in Yuanbaoshan Sports Park, the City Monitoring Center of Citizen Health is a nonprofit scientific research institution established by the government to implement physical monitoring and mass sports research. It has been open to the public since January 1 this year. The monitoring center now offers tests for three major indicators(body shape, physical function, physical quality), including height, weight, sit-and-reach, body composition test, bone density test, pulse, blood pressure, vital capacity, grip strength, back force, choice reaction, step test and other 14 test items, covering various human health indicators. On the basis of conventional test items, with the support of the municipal and provincial government, specialized advanced testing equipments like composition analyzer, power bicycle, and bone density tester, will be purchased for further tests like fat content, skeletal muscle rate, basic metabolism and other indicators. After the tests, the system will provide a Comprehensive Guidance Report of Health, an “exercise prescription” free of charge for the public, including the name, action points, exercise intensity and requirements of the guidance project.

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