Wuyi University plans to enroll 5392 students for undergraduate this year

Recently, the reporter learned from the Wuyi University Admissions Office, that Wuyi University confirmed its admission programmers this year, 5392 in total and 1565 for local students.


It is learnt that Wuyi University this year plans a total of 5392 students for undergraduate admission, up 442 from last year, with the enrollment range of 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In the admission plan, there are 652 are transferred students (including the 3+2 policy), who have been admitted; in 4740 students of the general college entrance exam admission, 4359 in Guangdong Province will be enrolled, 877 liberal arts, 3276 science and 206 art.


As a local university, Wuyi University gives full play to the function for local universities to serve the local, and makes the greatest efforts to protect the local students. This year, there are 1565 students in Jiangmen local enrollment plan, slightly higher than that of last year. At the same time, in order to speed up pushing the construction of high-level university in Guangdong Province with distinctive engineering course, combined with our city's local economic and social development requirements, the school increased the science and engineering program, which accounts for up to 68% of the master plan this year.


It is understood that Wuyi University initiatively integrates into the regional industrial transformation and upgrading of service innovation and development, and creating a high level Guangdong University of Engineering with strong support from the municipal government and the relevant departments. Academicians, outstanding youths, "thousands of people programs" experts and a number of leading figures and high-level talent, have been introduced, more than 40 of which are signed and about 300 teachers have a doctoral degree. At present, intelligent manufacturing information technology, photoelectric engineering, semiconductor green light source, information security, Internet of Things project, logistics management, actuarial, new media and cultural transmission, pharmaceutical engineering, and more than 30 majors and directions have been established, all engineering and the local industry completely docking.

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