Jiangmen will carry out a series of charitable activities

Reporters was informed by the city charity headquarters office yesterday: Recently, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, Municipal Justice Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Culture and Television, Municipal Health Bureau, Municipal Sports Bureau and other more than 10 municipal units will carry out a series of charity activities, including charity bazaar, compulsory legal advice, charitable competition, etc. Every citizen is welcome to participate and to experience the fun of doing good.


During June, the Charity Month, the relevant units of the city will carry out various charitable activities. For example, as the Municipal Education Bureau appeals, the municipal schools and their subordinate units will actively participate in the donation activities of One Yuan Love to help the children with congenital heart disease and the patients with rheumatic heart disease in poor families in the Wuyi area to receive treatments; in June 23-24the Municipal Justice Bureau will provide legal advisory services for community residents in Yongsheng community stadium, Pengjiang District, free of charge to solve the legal problems; the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Television will hold a comprehensive art show with charity theme in the East Lake arena; the Municipal Health Bureau will send medical teams to the community and the old revolutionary base village to organize a volunteer warmth-giving activity to send medicine, and they will also distribute handouts and popularize medical and health knowledge; the Municipal Sports Bureau will organize competitions for the members of Taijiquan Association; the Municipal Red Cross will organize party members to visit and show their sympathy to old members, and carry out the fund-raising activities and so on.


In late June, in the car park of the bank, the City Center of Welfare Lotteries and the Branch of Victory Street of City Agricultural Bank will carry out warmth-giving activities to alleviate poverty and the charity bazaar with scratch-and-win welfare lotteries, and send sympathy to party members and the masses in difficulties. The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the City Social Welfare Institute and the Department of Massage of the Municipal Civil Hospital, will organize medical teams to carry out community volunteer activities.

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