The doctor team from Peking University and other famous universities visited jiangmen

June 7, Jiangmen City Enterprise Association, Jiangmen City Youth Entrepreneurs Association and Jiangmen Double Venture Investment Development Co., Ltd invited the artificial intelligence expert team led by Peking University Postdoctoral Professor Chen Qingliang to the city to study the environment and build the artificial intelligence laboratory in Jiangmen.


It is reported that the team of experts with eight researchers for the artificial intelligence, of which three overseas students are Peking University, Oxford University, Luxembourg University and other famous university postdoctoral researchers covering large data based on artificial intelligence Analysis, artificial neural network verification system, intelligent factory, information security intelligent solutions.


The expert team has visited high-tech enterprises such as Quantum Hightech Services, Jinling Group and DierHanyu, and discussed the business needs with the head of the enterprises to discuss the combination of artificial intelligence in enterprise R & D and production process.


In the discussion session, Professor Chen Qingliang on artificial intelligence and large data analysis of the origin of artificial intelligence and biomedical industry, combined with a brief analysis, and pointed out that Jiangmen industry is strong technology, elite talent pool, in the "artificial intelligence" is listed as a national important strategy in the background, to Quantum Hightech Services, Jinling Group, Dierhanyu and other high-tech enterprises as the representative of the "Jiangmen manufacturing" can be sensitive to grasp the pulse of the market, seize the development opportunities, to scientific research and development, grasp technology researches, create a "international leader." Therefore, the team is very willing to join hands with Jiangmen high-tech enterprises to change "Jiangmen manufacturings” to “Jiangmen create" to provide intellectual supports. Next, the team will arrange experts to Jiangmen high-tech enterprises in technology research and development to find more common points for the artificial intelligence laboratory settled in Jiangmen to lay a solid foundation for cooperation.

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