New varieties of crops were displayed in Jiangmen

Yesterday (June 6) 2017 Jiangmen City, the opening ceremony of new varieties of crops was held in Jiangmen, a comprehensive demonstration base of modern agriculture, He Xiugu, the Vice President of the provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vice Mayor Liang Xuzan attended the show.


The scene of the show, corn, eggplant, pepper, bitter gourd, pumpkin, and other food and vegetable industry "new varieties" attracted many farmers, agricultural institutions. A seller at the scene, Lu Yingjun is selling their own company's "Zhuyu No. 1" corn, "this variety of super sweet, and no residue." It is understood that the "Zhuyu No. 1" corn passed the national trial in 2016, were planted in Guangdong, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other 15 provinces, and like this species are not uncommon in this exhibition.


"We screened out of the Jiangmen area and they were better varieties, and must be the latest.", the official from Jiangmen Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center said, as early as March they have begun to prepare for the show, the final 30 companies 308 varieties were selected, involving rice, leafy vegetables, melon beans, potato and other seven categories, covering 450 acres.


In the exhibition garden, rows of corns, each row of different varieties, inserted in the ground on the vertical card that species and for species and other information, to facilitate the purchase of contact. Like corn, watermelon, and so on, each kind of seed has exclusive exhibition area and contrast varieties. It is reported that the show will continue to this weekend.


 "This exhibition will set up a stage for the seed business to showcase new varieties of the stage, but also for the majority of agricultural workers and farmers to provide a new understanding of new varieties, the main channel of communication technology, open a new window to understand the modern agriculture.” Bureau official said. Many participants also said that such as the introduction of new varieties of high quality crops screening, display activities should be normalized in the future.

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