The women and children meeting was held in Jiangmen

June 2, the city women and children work conference held in the municipal hall of the city hall. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the sixth women and children meeting throughout the province, summed up the city five-year plan to implement the development for women and children, and the deployment of the next phase of the implementation of the work. Vice Mayor, City Women and Children Work Committee Director, Lai Yanfen, attended the meeting.


The meeting reviewed the work and experience of women and children in our city in the past five years, and analyzed the new situation of the work of women and children in our city. Since the implementation of the "2011-2020 Jiangmen Women and Children Development Plan" promulgated since the implementation of the municipal government has always attached great importance to the work of women and children, the mid-term assessment results show that the city women and children development plan was 61.43% and 90.24% ahead of the compliance rate, Women and children living, protection and development environment have been significantly improved. The meeting also awarded medals and certificates for the acquisition of advanced collectives and individuals in Guangdong Province for the implementation of women's and children's development plans in Guangdong Province.


Lai Yanfen pointed out that the past five years, the city's women and children career development has made remarkable achievements. At the same time we must also clearly see that the city area, urban and rural women and children development is not balanced, the impact of the implementation of the two planning compliance rate of the urgent need to promote the development of women and children environment remains to be further improved. First, we must carry out the basic national policy of equality between men and women, and strive to promote the comprehensive development of women; second, we must implement the principle of children's priority, focus on promoting children's priority development; Third, we must increase the rights, efforts to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, strengthen the leadership and the responsibility to play, support the development of women and children as a whole; to raise awareness, and further consolidate the main responsibility of the government; work together to ensure the smooth implementation of the two plans; The development of a good atmosphere, and comprehensively promote the work of women and children in our city to a new level.

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