City leaders participated in the International Children’s Day

Yesterday (June 1) is the International Children's Day, Li Weimin, the member of the Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee, led the team to the Conference Center of Wuyi Overseas Chinese Square, Jiangmen Zhonggang English schools to carry out condolences to the city's children and sent festival blessings.


9:00 am, Li Weimin came to Wuyi Overseas Chinese Square to participate in "a museum of children and large-scale public welfare activities held by the first kindergarten, the first kindergarten prepared "Chinese Culture Museum", "Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Museum", "happy one kindergarten" and other six exhibition hall in the conference center, showing children's creative handmade works, create a small invention and regional games projects. Interestedly visited the various exhibition areas, watched the children and teachers wonderful performances, and send holiday gifts for the children.


Then, Li Weimin came to Jiangmen Zhonggang English schools, and met the school management, teacher representatives, and student representatives’ cordial discussion, to understand the school's school situation. The school chairman Cai Guozan introduced that this school has founded for 22 years, the school adhered to the international concept of running a school, was committed to cultivating excellent academic performance, with bilingual thinking ability and explore the international perspective of the export-oriented, innovative talents. At present, Zhongshan and Jiangmen two campus students have more than 4,000 people, of which more than 50% from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan from five continents’ foreign students. Prof. Cai Guozan, who has taken root in the international education, affirmed the contribution of the school to improving the private education environment of Jiangmen and attracting foreign investment.


Finally, Li Weimin also visited the school kindergarten, watched the children's garden activities, and had a cordial conversation with the children, and sent a holiday gift.


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