28 enterprises accepted the measurement management system training


Recently, the city quality supervision departments trained 28 companies to participate in 2017 measurement management system training courses to guide enterprises to establish a sound measurement testing system to improve the level of enterprise measurement management, training enterprise measurement management personnel.


The training course invited Yang Bing, the national expert, gave the lesson and combined with the development of enterprise measurement management system for the enterprise to explain in detail the establishment of a sound measurement and measurement system of the benefits and importance. The enterprise representatives actively participated in learning exchange, enthusiastically speaking, Yang Bing also on-site response to the establishment of the measurement management system on the question.


City Quality Supervision Bureau of the relevant person said that the establishment of a sound measurement management system is to ensure that the enterprise product quality technical system operation of the important technical conditions. The training course is to enable enterprises to fully understand the importance of establishing a sound measurement and testing system, continue to learn, and actively cultivate enterprise measurement management personnel, and strive to enhance their own measurement management level, and earnest training effectiveness.

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