Chikan town project housing collection work was smooth

It is understood that April 30 is the first phase of Chikan town project levy, the first batch of lottery selection of property rights swap room deadline, Chikan town ushered in the housing contract the largest number of formal signing of the day. Chikan town first batch of 560 households were levied owners successfully and completed the housing levy of the contract, accounting for about one-sixth of the total number of plans.

Chikan town project called Chikan town overseas Chinese culture display tourism project, one of the core project is the development of global tourism in Kaiping City, the project was included in the national tourism projects, Guangdong Province and Jiangmen City key projects, the project plans to invest 6 billion Yuan, The main purpose of the implementation is to protect the cultural relics. It is understood that Kaiping City has made many efforts to deploy various departments, units of talents to participate in the entire project since the beginning of the project, the allocation of special funds in the human beings, financial and three aspects, made the masses understand the housing collection compensation program and signing matters through continuous efforts, helped many people to choose a good house, take the initiative to request early signing, early relocation. At present, Chikan town project-related housing collection work is progressing smoothly.

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