16 enterprises from Jiangmen will debut at the 13th Shenzhen Fair

The 13th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Fair) will be held from May 11 to 15 at Shenzhen Exhibition Center. Reporters learned from the Municipal Cultural, Radio and News Bureau, 16 companies will attend the exhibition this year.

According to reports, the city will focus on the display of cultural tourism, animation industry, arts and crafts industry, classical (traditional) furniture industry and other pillar industries in the leading enterprises and influential, representative cultural products this year. This year there are 16 exhibitors, many of them have attended the exhibition for several times, which are the representative of the private enterprises, such as Xinbaotang has attended for eight consecutive years to participate in the Shenzhen Fair. In addition, Xinhui tangerine peel, Dongyi lanterns, Mao Long pen, Enzhou stones and other traditional characteristics of Jiangmen cultural enterprises and products attend Shenzhen Fair.

The official said that attending the Fair will promote corporate performance and play a great role in promoting corporate culture. Exhibitors said that the Fair is an international exchange platform, through this platform, in addition to expanding their business, started the corporate brand, also because Jiangmen is the hometown of overseas Chinese characteristics of the local culture show to the guests, so that more people understand Jiangmen, So that more people come to Jiangmen to travel and consume. In addition, this year with the Fair for the Jiangmen cultural industry project will build investment platform, the city carefully designed and produced a "2017 Jiangmen City Cultural Industry Investment Project Handbook", the city will participate in the Fair of the enterprise information, which will be compiled into a book, expanded business investment Range, Jiangmen hope that Jiangmen cultural industry will develop through the Fair investment platform.

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