Jiangmen hosted the World Earth Day

Recently, the World Earth Day science popularization activities were held by the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources, Jiangmen Vocational College and the Sixth Geological Brigade Guangdong Provincial Geological Bureau in Jiangmen. The theme of the event is "to save the resources, advocate green simple life - speak our planet story." About 200 people including science experts and Jiangmen vocational school students participated in the activities.


The Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources placed a number of rock ore specimens for students to visit in the site and carried out the geological disaster prevention and control picture exhibition. At the same time, students also issued geological hazard prevention and control manual and the "Guangdong Province geological environment management regulations." In addition, the event also invited the experts to explain the geological knowledge of students, through the popularization of geological knowledge, enhance everyone to conserve intensive use of resources and green travel awareness. It is understood that the city is located in the southeast coastal geological disaster prone areas, collapse, landslides, collapse, ground fissures, debris flow and other geological disasters occur frequently. According to statistics, nearly 20 years the city has more than 50 people were a variety of geological disasters take away life, direct economic losses over 70 million yuan. City Land Resources Bureau official said that the causes of geological disasters are more complex, of which the masses of the geological disaster prevention and control knowledge is poor, disaster prevention awareness is not an important factor, so widely publicize the knowledge of geological disaster prevention and control, Consciousness and self - help self - protection ability is an important way to reduce the loss of geological disasters in our city.

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