The CPI rose 1.3% in Jiangmen in March

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics Jiangmen investigation team announced the city in March the urban consumer price index (CPI). Data shows that the city's March CPI rose 1.3%, constitute the consumer price index of the eight categories of commodity prices showed "5 rising 1 level 2 down" pattern.

Data shows that in March the city's food and alcohol commodity prices rise 0.2%. It is understood that continuous rain in March weather is not conducive to vegetable growth, market supply reduction, prices have increased, fresh vegetables prices 6.3% up. In addition, according to the "Ministry of Agriculture on the release of the Pearl River, Minjiang and Hainan Province inland waters on ban fishing system," the Pearl River Basin from March onwards fishing, fishing for the March 1 to June 30, the supply of aquatic products decreased, the price rose 1.3% overall. In addition, poultry prices rose by 1.2%. Pork prices 1.4% down. The egg supply is sufficient, the price continued to fall, the overall decline in March, and 3.3% down, 6.1% down.

V In addition, in March the city's daily necessities and services prices rise 0.2%, affected by rising costs, household appliances prices rise 1.1%. Health care prices rise 0.3%. Drug manufacturers to adjust part of the ex-factory price of drugs, some drug retail prices, which digestive system drug prices rise 6.1%.

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