Jiangmen station supporting projects invested more than 2.7 billion

Recently, "Zhu Xi integrated transport hub Jiangmen station supporting facilities feasibility study report" was officially approved. According to the approval, Zhuxi comprehensive transportation hub Jiangmen station supporting facilities total investment was 2.787 billion yuan, the total construction area of 173,000 square meters, the construction period to 2018.

Reporters learned that the entire Pearl River integrated traffic hub Jiangmen station construction is divided into railway station and supporting parts. The construction of the railway station will be carried out by Guangdong Shenmao Railway Co., Ltd. including platforms, waiting rooms, exit station and entrance station, and the larger area is the supporting projects

According to the approval, the total area of the Jiangmen station supporting facilities of Zhuxi comprehensive transportation hub is about 51,000 square meters, including ground floor and house (including long distance, bus station, passenger distribution and transfer plaza, ground greening, etc.), underground space (Including passenger distribution and transfer space, taxis, social depot, non-motor vehicle, the station on both sides of the development of load embedded, local underground development, etc.), underground municipal engineering projects embedded, set up the ramp system, elevated pedestrian channel and about 1.4 km of Jiangmen Avenue project (including 1.4 km main road tunnel, auxiliary road, municipal pipelines) and so on.

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