Jiangmen carried out trademark training

April 7, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau held 2017 "1 +6" park trademark legal knowledge lectures to further strengthen the geographical mark trademark professional knowledge for the local governments, associations, and enterprises in Heshan.

In recent years, the city registered trademark quickly, in order to facilitate the management of trademarks, improve the level of government departments of trademark management, the city took the lead in creating mobile brand management platform. It is understood that the platform has a trademark query, trademark tracking, renewal reminders, rights protection and other practical functions, is currently leading the same platform in the country.

The relevant person of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Advertising Division introduced how to use the mobile side of the brand assistance platform to achieve trademark management. "In the mobile side of the brand assistance platform, companies can query the trademark, and then do not use the trademark agency, save time and effort. The platform will guide enterprises how to correctly use the trademark, and renewal reminders to avoid business missed the renewal time In addition, to provide rights protection channels to help enterprises effectively rights. "The official said.

Mr. Zhou Rong, a lawyer of Guoxin Xinyang (Jiangmen) Lawyer, gave a comprehensive explanation of the composition, use and value of the trademark in the lecture, and introduced the way of correct rights protection from the legal level. Finally, the speaker answered the trademark problems of attendants and enterprises, associations.

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