Lin Yingwu investigated the Agriculture, Rural Areas and Poverty Alleviation

April 5 to 6, Lin Yingwu, the municipal party committee secretary and the member of Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, investigated the three districts and four cities and studied the agricultural and rural poverty alleviation work. Lin Yingwu stressed that we shoul implement Xi Jinping talks on doing a good job of "three rural" work series of important speech and the province's rural work and poverty alleviation and development conference spirit to speed up from the agricultural big city to agriculture strong city, promote agricultural industrialization, standardization, modernization, and further enhance the level of rural reform to ensure that farmers out of poverty.

Lin Yingwu has come to Heshan City Shaping Street Office, Longkou Town Flower Industrial Park, the modern agriculture comprehensive demonstration base (Kaiping National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone core area), Enping City Encheng Street Shilan Village, Xiangjiabao dream flower world , Guangdong agricultural products processing demonstration area, Taishan City Huikou port, Xinhui District Dongfeng Village, Jianghai District Changlang Ecological Park, Honghao Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Pengjiang District Huanshi Huang Zhuang , The agricultural product quality supervision and inspection test center and other 12 local places to in-depth investigate the city's agricultural and rural poverty alleviation work situation.

In the subsequent symposium, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau respectively reported the work of agriculture and rural areas and precision poverty alleviation work, participants also carried out a discussion on the "three rural" work. At the meeting, Lin Yingwu fully affirmed the achievements of the city's agricultural and rural poverty alleviation work in recent years.

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