Jiangmen has nine national earthquake safety demonstration communities

  Recently, the reporter learned from the City Seismological Bureau, Huangzhuang community in Pengjiang District, Renmei community and Wenyuan community in Jianghai District, Mingxin community and Nanyuan community in Xinhui District, were awarded the title of the National Seismic Safety Demonstration Community. Up to now, 19 communities were identified as the provincial earthquake safety demonstration community, including nine national earthquake safety demonstration communities.

  In order to improve the comprehensive defense capability of community earthquake disaster reduction, enhance the awareness of earthquake prevention and mitigation of community residents, improve the ability of earthquake avoidance and self-help and rescue, and minimize the loss caused by earthquake disaster. Since 2012, the Seismological Bureau of Guangdong Province has deployed earthquake safety Demonstration community, the city combined with local reality, and actively carries out the creation of work, has achieved remarkable results.

  In addition, Jiangmen also has three seismic stations, eight strong earthquake stations, a GPS base station, a cross-fault measurement of short-level and rapid assessment of earthquake disaster system, building seismic performance census system, a series of earthquake monitoring systems to carry out the earthquake emergency simulation exercise, seismic platform public open day, earthquake disaster prevention knowledge activities to enhance the public awareness and emergency rescue, self-help and rescue capabilities.


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