Jiangmen will build silver letter multimedia library

  Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and news, the Ministry of Culture Office recently released a national cultural information resource sharing projects 2017 annual local resource construction project list, Wuyi silver letter multimedia library from 332 projects in the country stand out, through the culture Department of expert review, successfully included in the list of projects.

  According to reports, Wuyi silver letter multimedia library was co-constructed by the Guangdong Provincial Culture and Arts Information Center and the Jiangmen City Museum. The project will use a large number of historical pictures, cultural objects pictures, and video, together with a detailed description of the text, illustrations to show the historical and cultural connotations of Wuyi silver letter, in particular, it reflects the Wuyi overseas Chinese patriotic love. The national cultural information resources sharing project was jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance and implemented a major national cultural project. It uses modern information technology, the Chinese outstanding cultural information resources for digital processing and integration, through the Internet, radio and television networks, wireless communications networks and other new communication carrier to achieve the excellent cultural resources of China to build and share.

  The City Bureau official said, Wuyi silver letter multimedia resource library included in the national cultural information resources sharing project 2017 annual local resources construction project list, will be conducive to these precious overseas Chinese historical and cultural resources in television, network and other new The dissemination of the media, so that precious historical materials can be preserved, but also to meet the cultural needs of the people, to provide local cultural materials, and become an important window to promote the patriotic love and  achieve great social benefits.

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