Jiangmen Bus Terminal has sent more than 28,000 passengers

  Reporters learned from the Jiangmen Bus Terminal yesterday, January 13 to February 5, 2017 chunyun of 24 days, the station used a total of 17513 passenger buses to send more than 280,000 passengers, a slight decline over the same period last year; , The use of micro-credit tickets for passengers accounted for four percent of the total passengers.

  Yesterday (February 5) morning, the reporter saw the waiting room in the Jiangmen Bus Terminal, the number of passengers was normal, most of the passengers returned to work after the year.

  2017 Spring Festival holiday 7 days (January 27 - February 2), Jiangmen Bus Terminal total used 4391 buses to send 5.7624 passengers, compared to the same period down 10.7%. Spring Festival holiday 7 days, at the beginning, passengers were less, the second day, the passenger flow increased, mainly because of the more people visited the western region to visit relatives. “Return passengers in the fifth and sixth day increased, but because the students have not started school, migrant workers and student flow after the holiday does not overlap, the festival is relatively stable and balanced, passengers were mainly from the Pearl River Delta. Wu Tianxiang, the deputy director of the Ministry of Passenger Transport Department, said this year, the station pushed the WeChat purchase, from the background statistics, the use of WeChat maintained an average of more than 25% per day, the peak, the use of micro-credit Ticket passengers accounted for 25% of the total passengers, greatly make passengers to purchase the tickets.


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