City leaders inspected the pre-holiday market and safety in production

  Yesterday (January 18), under the leadership of the Deputy Mayor Xu Xiaoxiong, the city anti-counterfeiting unit led the agriculture, industry and commerce, quality supervision, safety supervision, food and drug supervision, salt and other departments to inspect the market before the Spring Festival and special inspections of safe production.

  On the same day, the inspection team first came to NanXing Food Co., Ltd. and Pengzhonghuang Food Co., Ltd., which focused on checking production environment, quality and safety, personnel hygiene and finished product preservation of production and processing enterprises, went to Baisha market, focusing on inspection of poultry, cakes, meat and other holiday consumption of large varieties; Finally, the inspection team came to Jianghui Amusement Park in Xinhui District, checked the use of large-scale recreation facilities, regular inspection, certificates and other posts.

  Xu Xiaoxiong required the units should seriously do a good job in the region of the security risks investigation and rectification work, combined with the Spring Festival during the consumption characteristics of the public to consolidate the results of anti-counterfeiting to ensure that the consumer safety during the Spring Festival and special equipment safety.


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