The top ten Guangdong county tourism competitiveness were announced

  January 16-17, Guangdong County Tourism Economic Development Seminar and "Guangdong County Tourism Competitiveness Report 2016" conference was held in Kaiping, Kaiping, Taishan, Boluo, Yingde, Huidong, Ruyuan, Xinxing, Lianzhou , Enping, Fogang ranked 2016 annual top 10 counties in Guangdong tourism competitiveness. The event was held by the Guangdong Economic Association and the Guangdong County Economic Research, Development Promotion Association and Kaiping City.

  On the afternoon of January 16th, experts and scholars attended the conference and inspected the Kaiping Diaolou Cultural Tourism Zone, such as Zili Village, Liyuan Park and Ma Jianglong. They fully affirmed the development of Kaiping County's tourism industry, and considered Kaiping Chinese Culture and Diaolou Tourism Resources were Unique, beautiful ecological environment, the tourism industry had broad prospects for development. On the morning of January 17, the experts and scholars made keynote speeches on their respective research achievements, and put forward specific suggestions based on the actual situation of Kaiping county tourism development.

  It is reported that in recent years, Kaiping City, actively implemented the strategy of tourism strong city, the tourism industry as an important pillar industry to build, Kaiping City was successfully incorporated into the country's first global tourism demonstration area to create Kaiping Diaolou cultural tourism area to create 5A national tourist attractions and successfully passed the provincial inspection to meet the national inspection, Chikan Town, selected the first batch of small towns with Chinese characteristics, the city's tourism boom.

  It is understood that, in recent years, Guangdong County Economic Research and Development Association experts continued to follow the development of tourism in our province county, and published an annual evaluation of competitiveness research report. Report in the industry had a high authority and influence.

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