Lin Yingwu, Deng Weigen led the team to condolence the provincial military

  On the afternoon of January 13, Lin Yingwu, the Party Secretary and Deng Weigen, the mayor and other leaders formed a New Year team to the Guangdong Military Region with the profound friendship of the hometown people, sent the New Year blessing and holiday condolences to officers and soldiers, thanked them for Jiangmen economic and social development of concern and support. Zhang Liming, Major General, the provincial military commander, Provincial Committee, Provincial Political Commissar of Major General Huang Shanchun and other provincial military leaders attended the activities.

  In the activities, Lin Yingwu introduced Jiangmen economic and social development to the provincial military leaders. Lin Yingwu said Jiangmen City in 2016 is expected to GDP growth of 7.4%, annual fixed asset investment is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan, local public budget revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan, and foreign currency deposits exceeded 400 billion yuan

  Huang Shanchun on behalf of the provincial military made gratifying achievements on the Jiangmen over the past year economic construction and development warm congratulations to the Jiangmen municipal government and the city's long-standing support for the construction of troops to express my heartfelt thanks. Huang Shanchun said that Jiangmen has a strong sense of national defense and support the military sentiment over the past year in the army building, demobilized cadres’ placement, the implementation of preferential policies to do a lot of fruitful work. The provincial military will, as always, concerned about and support the work of Jiangmen, to promote the development of the depth of integration of military and civilian.

  Municipal leaders Feng Lijian, Zhen Renwang, Liang Xuzan, Hu Nianfang and Jiangmen military commander Chen Feng attended the activities.


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