City leaders investigated Chunyun

  Yesterday (January 12), Vice Mayor Lin Feiming led the City Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the City Safety Supervision Bureau, Jiangmen Maritime Bureau and other relevant units and departments for Chunyun to investigate Muzhou ferry, Shenghai high-speed road, Yayao service area, Jiangmen Bus Terminal and other places, focused on inspections for the Spring Festival preparatory work.

  It was reported that this year's spring time from January 13 to February 21, a total of 40 days. The city was expected to send 2.8 million passengers this year, down 3.8% over compared to 2016 Spring Festival. To ensure that the public travel during the Spring Festival, the city will send 1365 province, inter-provincial passenger buses, 1556 public buses, 1223 taxis, 28 high-speed passenger ships, 20 trains to Guangzhou each day in Jiangmen Railway Station .

  Lin Feiming said that the safety of spring was the most important task. Although the Spring Festival this year, the city forecast passenger traffic would decline slightly, but the pre-holiday return flow, self-driving flow was relatively concentrated, the departments should enhance the work of spring festival, and continuously improve emergency response capacity, did a good job for the spring transport emergency work.

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