Jiangmen, a Beautiful Capital of Oversesas Chinese

On the vast coast of the South China Sea, the flowing West River (Xijiang River) and Tanjiang River are surrounded by a rich and legendary land.

Known as the“Capital of Overseas Chinese", this is where the World Cultural Heritage of Kaiping Diaolou and Villages locates.Over the years, countless villagers traveled across the Pacific to look for their fortune overseas and served their homeland. Chinese and Western architectural treasures embellish this vast land, shining in the world cultural heritage books; more than 4 million overseas Chinese from Jiangmen area have traveled all over the world, creating a miracle in the history of immigration around the world.

Jiangmen is an important node city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, with prominent geographical advantages and vast hinterland for development. Jiangmen is also an important transportation hub with outstanding environmental advantages, connecting the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, and Macao with western Guangdong. The Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Light Railway incorporates Jiangmen into the Pearl River Delta One-Hour Economic Circle, enhancing its trade relations with Guangzhou. In recent years, with the construction and completion of the Jiangmen Express Ave., Jiangmen- Shunde Bridge, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Light Railway (Jiangmen section), and the ShenzhenMaoming Railway (Jiangmen section), Jiangmen's transportation network is in the area has been improving. Jiangmen is also the only prefecture- level city in the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with large- scale land for development. This place has a broad space for development, and the obvious advantages of land carrying capacity.

Jiangmen, with a long history, is a charming city for living, business and travel. It is the native land of many renowned historical figures, such as Chen Baisha, the great Ming Dynasty Confucian scholar; Liang Qichao, China’s modern reform pioneer; and Chen Shaobai, China’s“National Uncle”. As a famous“hometown of performing stars”, it also gives birth to more than 100 well- known performing stars, including Li Minwei,“Father of Chinese Films”, the first person of Hong Kong films; Hu Die, the first queen of Chinese films; Dai Ailian, Mother of Chinese dance; Hung Sin-nui, Cantonese opera master; and internationally renowned superstars Zhou Runfa, Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei, Zhen Zidan, etc. Besides, Jiangmen also boasts famous tourist attractions of Birds’Paradise, which was greatly appreciated by the renowned writer Ba Jin; the famous Guifeng Mountain of idealistic Confucianism in Lingnan area; Shangchuan and Xiachuan Islands, which are among the“Top Ten Beautiful Islands”in Guangdong Province, etc. In addition, the innovative “one-door”government service, the pioneering“1+3+N”open list system in Guangdong Province and even China, and the leading reform of the“multiple certificates in one”registration system all provide you with high quality and efficient government services. In 2018, with the consent of the State Council, the Office of the State Council issued a circular to provide supervision and incentives for the implementation of relevant major policies and measures in 2017 with real efforts and obvious results. Jiangmen was the only city in Guangdong inspired due to the commercial system reform.

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