Resources and Climate

Jiangmen is located in a subtropical zone with mild climate and abundant rainfall. Its average annual temperature is 23 degrees Celsius, and the annual rainfall averages 2424.4 mm. It has about 1612.5 hours of sunshine annually, and its frost-free period lasts more than 360 days. InNovember 2019, Enping was approved as the first "Chinese Win-ter Resort".

 Its geography includes 26 rivers with drainage areas over 100 km2, among which the West River and the Tanjiang River rank in the forefront of the province in terms of runoff. It ranks second among all the prefecture- level municipalities in Guangdong in terms of coastline length (420km) and ranks second in the number of sea islands (561). Its total timber reserves stand at 22,300,000 cubic meters, its forest coverage rate at 46.29%, and its per capita green area at 19.6 square meters.

Jiangmen is a model city of national environmental protection with its environmental quality steadily improved in general. From January to May of 2020, the water quality of the major rivers in the city was generally good. The excellent proportion of the water quality of the surface water assessment section and the compliance rate of the urban drinking water source were both 100%. The environmental quality continued to improve in Jiangmen. The proportion of days with good air quality (AQI compliance rate) was 92.1% , the average PM2.5 concentration was reduced to 22 micrograms / cubic meter, meeting the second-stage standards by the World HealthOrganization, and the air quality in Jiangmen ranked 13th among 168 key cities in China. Besides, its urban sewage treatment rate reached over 95% and the harmless treatment rate of urban domestic garbage was 100%.

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