Civilization Construction

Jiangmen Municipal Committee and Municipal People's Government positioned the construction of a civilized city as a major project for the benefit of citizens, implementing the idea of“Built for and by Citizens”, adhering to the goal of“Building a city for citizens' satisfaction”, and to establish a sound long- term mechanism, so that the masses can share the achievements of the creative construction, and the government can get the broad support of citizens.

The establishment work has been carried out for many years, bringing rapid changes to Jiangmen. On the One hand, the city has vigorously implemented urban quality improvement actions,“public culture construction year”actions, and beautiful rural establishment actions, so that the quality of urban infrastructure and public services has been significantly improved. Jiangmen ranked 1st in the 2019 Comprehensive Evaluation of the National Civilized Cities in Guangdong Province. After winning the second place in the 2018 Comprehensive Evaluation, Jiangmen got a good result again in the Comprehensive Evaluation of the National Civilized Cities of 2019, realizing the goal of winning this honor and ranking in the forefront of Guangdong Province. Jiangmen Sports Center put into use last year has made it possible for citizens to watch high-level sports events. Moreover, thirty“exquisite and beautiful”pocket parks have been successively built and in the urban area, which become“entertainment living rooms”for the citizens. On the other hand, Jiangmen established a long-term mechanism for deepening the civilized city construction to institutional-ize urban management, and established an intelligent urban management system and an intelligent transportation system to achieve scientific and technological management. Also, the government carried out the“Three major actions”of volunteer service, green life and civilized city construction, so as to promote the institutionalization and long-term effectiveness of creative volunteer service.

City of Love

In recent years, Jiangmen insists on cultivating and practicing socialist core values and integrating them into the activities of civilizing and creating a city brand of“City of Love”in Jiangmen, which creates a harmonious and loving environment for the city. We have promoted the construction of the theme park of love, selected 136 pilot sites to demonstrate love in our city, such as“love communities”,“love units”,“love enterprises”and “love families”. We carried out many evaluation activities, namely evaluations of“Good People around You and Me”,“Moral Models”and the“Most Beautiful Jiangmen People” and organized activities to learn from these models. Jiangmen successfully elected 18 “Chinese Good People”and one Award Nomination of the National Moral Model. All these mentioned above interpret“Great Love in Jiangmen”with typical examples around us.


Jiangmen, the hometown of overseas Chinese, has an excellent tradition of supporting charities. After years of development, there are many charity groups and organizations in this city, including Jiangmen Charity Federation and the relevant federations of the districts and counties in Jiangmen, Wuyi Charity Association, Guangdong Haojue Charity Fund, Jiangmen Changxing Care Charity Association, Vinda Charitable Foundation, Infinitus Mutual Help Organization, etc. These organizations and associations establish a linkage charity assistance system from four levels- city, county, town and village. Jiangmen has formed several benevolent programs with clear themes, including the“Home Improvement Project for Urban Difficult Families in Jiangmen”, the“School Program for Children”, the“Canteen for the Elder”, the “Caring for Left- behind Children Program”, etc. Philanthropy of Jiangmen is at the forefront of Guangdong Province. 

At the 2018 China Philanthropy City Conference and the 5th China Urban Doing Good Index Press Conference, Jiangmen’s“GDP of City Love”ranked 26 in the country.

Volunteer Services

Jiangmen Federation of Volunteers was founded in November 2006, and since then, there have been over 440,000 registered volunteers and 6,334 volunteering organizations. The duration of volunteer service exceeds 16.67 million hours. The Federation takes“spreading civilization and love”as its purpose, combines social hot issues and difficulties with the needs of the citizens, and comprehensively develops“Three Caring”services (caring for the society, caring for others and caring for the nature). Therefore, it successfully creates more than ten volunteer service brands, builds relevant fields such as the“volunteer e-station”and the“volunteer post station”, and cultivates professional teams, including rescue teams and volunteer service teams for cultural heritage, which promote the development of volunteer service in urban areas based on professionalization, socialization and projectization. We establish a public welfare alliance platform, open project crowd- funding and public welfare donations, develop and launch a volunteer service all- in- one machine so that we switch the voluntary service into the“Internet”era.

Social Work Services

Jiangmen's social work services are booming. A total of 118 social work organizations have been set up in the city to provide professional social work services of strong public welfare, large social demands, and the most urgently needed by the masses, including the services for the youth, the old and the handicapped. The grace of social work can be demonstrated through special activities such as the“Social Workers Publicity Week of Overseas Chinese Hometown”and the“Outstanding Social Workers Tour”. Talented people of the social work service have sprung up and won many awards, including the“Top 100 Social Workers”and the“Excellent Social Work Case of Guangdong Province”

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