Culture and Sports Venues

Jiangmen Wuyi Museum of Overseas Chinese

Jiangmen Wuyi Museum of Overseas Chinese is located in Wuyi Overseas Chinese Square with an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. At present, it collects more than 30,000 objects. The volume of cultural relics in the collection, the richness of the contents and their high values are at the forefront, compared with similar museums in the country. Using modern technologies of sound, lighting and electricity, together with the appropriate scene production, the“Overseas Chinese History Exhibition”vividly displays the cultural relics and historical stories of overseas Chinese.

Jiangmen Sports Center

Jiangmen Sports Center is located in Binjiang New Area, Jiangmen, with a total construction area of 202,500 square meters and an investment of RMB 3 billion. There are four major areas in this center, including the stadium with 25,000 seats, the gym with 8,500 seats, the natatorium with 2,200 seats and the convention center with 2,050 seats. The center integrates multiple comprehensive functions together, such as business, leisure, entertainment, shopping, tourism and exhibition. Since 2018, many high-level national and international sports events have been held here, including the Volleyball Nations League Jiangmen Station of 2018 and 2019, the Asian Men’s Volleyball Qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Warmup of Men’s Basketball World Cup 2019 (Germany VS Australia), the National Women’s Volleyball Championship 2018, the National Synchronized Swimming Championship 2019, etc.

Jiangmen Performing Arts Center

Covering an area of 41,300 square meters, Jiangmen Performing Arts Center has a total construction area of 64,200 square meters. As the largest private cultural industry project in the west wing of the Pearl River Delta, it consists of six independent buildings with a total investment of more than RMB 400 billion. The center was put into use in April 2016. Since then, there have been more than 200 outstanding performances presented here for the masses every year. At present, many highquality cultural venues are opened to the public, such as Qiaodu Grand Theater, the Waterfront Music Hall, the Starry Sky Performing Arts Plaza, Qiaodu Cinema (an extra large cinema in the Pearl River Delta), the Waterfront Cafeteria, Jiangmen Arts Performing Kindergarten, etc.

Jiangmen Library

Located in the Cultural City, No. 102, Gangkou Road, it currently has a building area of 8,741 square meters and is a national first-class library. In the library, there are over 1.1 million paper collections (pieces), 1.3 million copies (species) of electronic literature, and various databases for reading and learning. Besides, service windows are established for newspaper and periodical reading, book borrowing, reference consultation, local literature, children’s department, electronic reading rooms, digital reading experience, etc. All the above makes it a modern library with multiple functions and complete facilities.

Jiangmen Cultural Center

It is situated on Wuyi Overseas Chinese Square and covers an area of 13,000 square meters. There are cultural theaters, multi-function halls, dance rooms, activi-ty rooms, training rooms and other functional areas in it. Besides, Jiangmen City Cultural Center also allows cultural functions such as holding performances, training, lectures, and exhibitions, reaching the national first-class standard for cultural centers.

Jiangmen Art Gallery

It is located on Wuyi Overseas Chinese Square and has a construction area of 12,293.76 square meters. Among its 6 exhibition halls, some are equipped with supporting facilities like constant temperature and humidity cabinets, independent cabinets, and multimedia display cabinets, and some with functional rooms such as the collection room, frame restoration room, photography room, and audio-visual room. Various functions are performed in Jiangmen Art Gallery, including exhibitions, works collection, academic research, art education, beneficial services for people and foreign exchanges.

Longxi Lake Reading Center

Located in the new high- tech industrial zone and near Longxi Lake Park, this reading center covers a total area of 4,000 square meters. It has a collection of nearly 50,000 books and can accommodate more than 400 people at the same time. Being divided into a children’s reading area, a learning area and a leisure area, it is a recreational, reading and studying center for citizens with cultural impacts, local characteristics and modern designs.

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