Preferential Policies for Attracting Talent

Starting in 2010, Jiangmen Municipality has successively issued a series of policies for attracting high-caliber personnel.

The government treasury will allocate a special working fund of 40 to 50 million yuan to each world-class innovative research team that can significantly enhance Jiangmen’s emerging and strategic industries and can create major economic and social benefits, a 15 million to 25 million yuan special fund for such a domestic top-caliber and international-level advanced innovation and research team, and a 5 to 10 million yuan working fund to such a provincially leading team;

Pay a one-time working fund of 500,000 yuan to academicians (of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Engineering), chief scientists of major national science and technology projects or chief engineers or management experts of major engineering projects if they come to work in Jiangmen, and a one-time 500,000 yuan housing subsidy if they sign a three-year or above employment contract with an employer in Jiangmen and relocate to Jiangmen;

Grant the "Jiangmen Outstanding Experts Award" to recognize experts who have offered outstanding contributions to Jiangmen and reward them a bonus of 500,000 yuan which can be increased if the contributions are extraordinary;

Offer one-stop service to high-caliber personnel and open green channels for the employment of their spouses and the schooling of their children so that they can concentrate on their work worry-free;

Construct special apartments to meet the temporary housing needs of high-level talent introduced to Jiangmen;

And provide a one-time housing purchase subsidy of 50000 yuan to doctoral degree holders or senior academic title holders who accord with the needs of Jiangmen industrial development and scientific research and teaching if they have worked three full years and buy properties in Jiangmen urban area.


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