Advantages in Administrative Efficiency

Jiangmen's “one-stop” and "one network" approval system and its "12345" hotline and other service-oriented government initiatives have won the recognition of authoritative certification institutions at home and abroad. An evaluation survey of public service by local governments in Guangdong shows that Jiangmen ranked No. 2 successively for 3 years.

Jiangmen Municipal Administrative Service Center, established in February 1997, was the province's first comprehensive administrative services agency. The center works on the model of “One Building, One Reception Window for Handling and One for Charges Collection, One-net approval, and One Stop Service.” It provides various types of services, mainly examination, approval and issuing of licenses and building application approval. At present, 60 government agencies have set up offices in the center.

Jiangmen Public Resources Trading Center is designated by the municipal government for the transaction of public resources. It is responsible for the unified transaction of public resources of agencies directly under the municipal government and Pengjiang and Jianghai districts and for handling bids for transportation and water conservancy projects in other districts of Jiangmen and provides relevant advice and services. Its main business scope covers government procurement, construction projects bidding processing, land and mining rights trading, and property transactions.

In order to further improve the efficiency of its administrative services, Jiangmen is vigorously promoting integrated administrative service and has concentrated services by various departments in one venue. In addition, Jiangmen has made full use of new technologies and new platforms to build a “micro mayor” Wechat account, the first among prefecture-level cities in China; it has also developed an app mobile portal platform integrating government service, people’s livelihood and finance -- Jiangmen Yi Net.

“Good public security” have become a brand of Jiangmen city. In recent years, Jiangmen has been pushing forward the “Peaceful and Happy Jiangmen” campaign combining precautions and crackdown, and has built a well-developed social disorder prevention and control system. Jiangmen has a low crime rate and enjoys good social order and its citizens have a sense of solid security. 

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