Preferential Policies for Attracting Talent


Starting in 2010, Jiangmen Municipality has successively issued a series of policies for attracting high-caliber personnel. Last year, Jiangmen introduced “Several Suggestions by the People's Government of Jiangmen City about Improving Systems and Mechanisms and Speeding up the Construction of Talent Strengthen City” (article XIV in “Talent Strengthen City”), accelerating the construction of Talent Strengthen City.


Comprehensively implement the “Flexibility inAttracting Talent and Intelligence Program.” Jiangmen encourages enterprises to flexibly introduce high-level talents through temporary work and project cooperation. For the “Enterprises Flexibly Introducing High-Level Talents and Intelligence Program,” Jiangmen gives enterprises up to 100,000 yuan as program funding. For the projects of overseas experts, Jiangmen gives enterprises 1:1 matching funds to support.


Implement “Talents in the Capital of Overseas Chinese” gathering program. By focusing on the needs and directions of industrial development, Jiangmen develops a more accurate, efficient, practical, easier-to-operate method for the evaluation of introducing high-level talents, vigorously introducing and cultivating all kinds of elitists.



1.    Introduce innovation teams and leading talents. Introducing talents or teams plays a decisive and crucial role in the city's industrial development. Jiangmen determines the amount of subsidies using the “One Project One Discussion” method, funding innovation teams from 1 million to 10 million yuan, and leading talents from 0.3 million to 3 million yuan for innovation projects or special work. All cities and districts are asked to build innovation teams and leading talent teams, in preparation for the national and provincial key talents projects. For the teams and individuals being chosen in the national “Thousand Talents Program” and “Ten Thousand Talents Program,” Jiangmen provides matching 1:1 funding for the first participation. For the teams and individuals being chosen in provincial “Pearl River Talents Program,”“Guangdong Talents Support Program,” and “Development of Talents in the Northeast and Northwest of Guangdong Support Program,” Jiangmen provides matching funding, half of the provincial funds.


2.    Strengthen the cultivation of high-skilled talents. Jiangmen provides one-time funds of 100,000 yuan to the technicians'“Master Studios” (whose establishments are being approved), and national skilled master studios, while subsidizing relevant skilled masters and talents for 1,500 yuan per person monthly, as long as the term is no longer than 3 years. To implement the enterprises'“Chief Technicians” subvention system, Jiangmen selects 20 high-skilled talents who have reached the city's top level and have been awarded as the “Chief Technicians in Jiangmen,” subsidizing 1,500 yuan per person monthly for 3 years. Jiangmen provides one-time subsidies of 10,000 yuan as living allowances to the high-level technicians working more than 1 year in Jiangmen. Jiangmen holds various skills competitions for selecting and cultivating high-skilled talents. Jiangmen continues to implement the high-skilled talents' endowment insurance subvention system. Jiangmen funds enterprises or training institutions for no more than 20,000 yuan when they successfully cultivate an internationally recognized high-skilled talent in local enterprises.


3.    Strengthen the cultivation of outstanding experts in the field of Culture, education, public health and social science. Jiangmen has arranged no less than 1 million yuan in funds for specialized work, supporting the establishment of “Expert Studios”for cultural, educational, health, and social pursuits through the use of competitions. After project collection and selection, Jiangmen funds research projects that have important guiding significance to the city, up to a maximum of 100,000 yuan. Jiangmen also gives masters and great doctors of national and provincial honors, as well as people who have been selected and recognized by the city, a special monthly subsidy of 500 to 1,000 yuan per person for 3 years.


4.    Strengthen the training of entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises. Jiangmen has arranged a special fund for training entrepreneurs and industrial owners who are policy-oriented with enormous development potential. This fund is also available to highly innovative small and micro enterprises, whose entrepreneurial journey provides an exemplary model and whose comprehensive quality and management quality has been vastly improved.


★Integrate community resources and attract global investment and intelligence job networks. By making full use of Jiangmen's renown as “Capital of Overseas Chinese in China,”tapping into the talentand resources of Wuyi overseas Chinese, and combining the city's desire to focus on deployment and innovation, Jiangmen will build about 10 “Contact with Wuyi” overseas service work stations around the world in 5 years. Jiangmen will serve as the window, bridge, and link for publicizing and promoting Jiangmen and other cities and districts by conducting investments, attracting talents, and contributing to overseas Chinese affairs and community work. After appraisal, Jiangmen will fundeach overseas service work station up to 100,000 yuan per year for work.


★Construct national post-doctoral innovation (Jiangmen) demonstration center. By way of co-constructing the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security with Jiangmen city, Jiangmen will build the “National Post-Doctoral Innovation (Jiangmen) Demonstration Center,” gathering a group of ideal post-doctorates to conduct research projects; transform scientific research achievements; practice, train, and establish small and micro technological enterprises;and therefore createa new innovation force. Jiangmen will provideone-time funds from 200,000 to 500,000 yuan to newly established post-doctoral research institutes and innovation practice bases,distributed as 150,000 yuan a year.It will fund post-doctorates who have already conducted research projects and have worked at a research institute. When ideal post-doctorates complete some practices and exercises in Jiangmen, the government will give appropriate allowance, and the specific measures will be formulated separately.


★Vigorously support the construction of important enterprises, such as science, technology, and innovation platforms. Jiangmen provides one-time funds of 1 or 2 million yuan to enterprises for establishing national and provincial research platforms, such as engineering technical research centers, enterprise technology centers, key laboratories, engineering laboratories, or new research institutes. Jiangmen provides one-time funds of 500,000 yuan or 200,000 yuan to provincial and municipal academic work stations. Jiangmen supports enterprises that strengthen the carrier construction of high-skilled talents, in order to create national and provincial training bases for skilled talents.


★SupportSpecialistin establishing small and micro technological enterprises. Jiangmen provides 200,000 yuan as a talent innovation reward to recognized high-level specialists, such as doctors, post-doctorates, graduates who have returned afterbeing abroad,or offsite college graduates(full-time university bachelor degree or above). These specialists have been selected to establish small and micro technological enterprises in Jiangmen or have successfully transformed small and micro enterprises into technological ones. For particularly outstanding talents, Jiangmen gives higher rewards. For graduates who have returned after being abroad, whose innovation projects in Jiangmen were recognized as key, outstanding, and/or startup projects, Jiangmen funds 500,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan,or 100,000 yuan, up to 2 million yuan for particularly outstanding work. For graduates who have returned from abroad and have been elected for the National and Provincial Talents Project Funding Program, Jiangmen provides 1:1 matching funds in conjunction with any national and/or provincial support.


★Actively encourage college students to start their own businesses. By increasing entrepreneurship training, Jiangmen encourages qualified colleges to establish a Department of Entrepreneurship. For colleges that have successfully established a Department of Entrepreneurship, they will receive an additional provincial award on top of the municipal one-time fund for each college or university, up to 500,000 yuan. To encourage college students from other parts of China to start their businesses in Jiangmen, all cities and districts in Jiangmen wouldprovide housing services for them based on local practices.


★Build a sound mechanism for improving industrial development and incentivizing innovative talents. For specialists who work in high-end manufacturing, high-tech industries, high-end services, and so on; whose annual personal taxable income is above 200,000 yuan; who have paid their individual income tax for at least 1 year; and who have made outstanding contributions in industrial development, management, and technological innovation, Jiangmen provides funds up to 500,000 yuan to the individual. The specific measures will be formulated separately.


★ “One Window Handles All Business” service for talents. Jiangmen distributes a “Talents Green Card” to high-level talents and urgently-needed talents, which can be applied online for preferential services. This includes granting residency, children's enrollment, spousal placement, and so on, applicable in all cities and districts. Jiangmen encourages all areas, based on local practices, to provide personalized special services for talents.

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