Jiangmen, China’s No. 1 Homeland of Overseas Chinese

Jiangmen is capital of overseas Chinese. Nearly 4 million Chinese living overseas in 107 countries and regions, and in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have their roots in Jiangmen. Overseas Chinese have strong attachment and sentiments for their mother country and hometowns. They have made utmost efforts to help their hometowns through donations to public causes and investment in commerce and industries. As of the end of 2015, such donations have reached HK $7.26 billion and their investment totaled US$20.12 billion in Jiangmen Wuyi. For recognition of the outstanding contributions made by overseas Chinese, foreigners and Chinese nationals in promoting social civilization, the development of philanthropy, friendly exchanges with foreign countries, economic, science and technology development, Jiangmen has set up the "honorary citizens" system. Since 1993, 8 batches totaling 700 personages from home and abroad have been granted honorary citizenship.

Jiangmen’s unique emigration history has resulted in a brilliant culture featuring overseas elements. Traces of foreign influence can be found everywhere here from architecture to food, clothing, customs and manners. Jiangmen has established Friendship City relationship with the American cities of Riverside, Mesa and Millbrae and the Australia city of Ararat and has developed friendly exchanges with a dozen other cities.

Jiangme’s brand events include China (Jiangmen) Overseas Chinese Carnival and the World (Jiangmen) Youth Conference. China (Jiangmen) Overseas Chinese Carnival was started in 2004 and is held every two years. So far five sessions have been held. The festival is a showcase for displaying Jiangmen’s new achievements in development and building and its charms and splendors through a series of economic, trade, culture, and tourism activities. It provides a platform for Chinese around the world to connect with each other. The World (Jiangmen) Youth Conference is a forum featuring youth elite of Jiangmen origins as the main body, aiming at uniting overseas Chinese youths around the world, promoting mutual communication and win-win cooperation. It is held every two years, hosted in turns by Chinese associations or its branches around the world.

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