Jiangmen Greater Guanghai Bay Economic Zone

Located in the southeast of Jiangmen region, adjacent to Zhongshan and Zhuhai in the east, linking Yangjiang in the west, connecting the Jiangmen city proper in the north, and covering Xinhui District, the central south of Taishan, and the Hengbei Town of Enping, the total planned area of the Jiangmen Greater Guanghai Bay Economic Zone amounts to about 3240 square kilometers. Its core area centers round the Yinhu Bay and Guanghai Bay, with an area of about 520 square kilometers. The initial area is concentrated at the Yinhu Bay reclamation area, the Guanghai Bay reclamation area and the Shang- and Xia-chuan Islands, covering an area of 27.5 square kilometers.

On December 31, 2013, the "Master Plan for Developing the Jiangmen Greater Bay Economic Zone (2013-2030)” was approved by Guangdong provincial government. According to the overall plan, the zone will be built in the principle of scientific planning and step-by-step construction into a new engine for Guangdong's marine economy, a new growth pole for achieving the Pearl River Delta's leapfrog development, a hub for the Pearl River Delta to radiate to the southwest of China, a major platform for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao cooperation on the west bank of the Pearl River and an ecologically-friendly livable area rich with the local culture with characteristics of overseas Chinese. By 2030, its core area will be built into a comprehensive economic zone with complete functions, strong industrial competitiveness, and striking coastal features.

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