Jiangmen's National-level Industrial Bases


★ The National Torch Program: Textile and Chemical Fiber Industry Base (Jiangmen)

★ The National Torch Program: New Materials Industry Base (Jiangmen)

★ The National Torch Program: Semiconductor Lighting Industry Base (Jiangmen)

★ National Electronic Information Industry Base (Jiangmen)

★ China's Auto Parts Industry Base (Jiangmen)

★ China's Motorcycle Industry Demonstration Base (Jiangmen)

★ China's Bathroom Hardware Production Base (Duruan Town, Pengjiang District)

★ China's Stainless Steel Products Base (Xinhui District)

★ China's Ship-Breaking Base (Xinhui District)

★ China's Foodstuff Production Base (Xinhui District)

★ China's Electric Energy Industry Base (Taishan)

★ China's Textile and Clothing Industry Base (Kaiping)

★ China's Tap (Faucet) Production Base (Shuikou Town, Kaiping)

★ China's Printing Industry Base (Heshan)

★ China's Men's Shoes Production Base (Heshan)

★ China's Nanometer Calcium Carbonate Industry Base (Enping)

★ China's Microphone Industry Base (Enping)



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