Industrial Parks

National-level Jiangmen New- and High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Location: Jianghai District

By the end of 2014, the park had introduced a total of about 2000 enterprises, 1560 of which had gone into operation with an annual industrial output value of 37.577 billion yuan. It has developed the three pillar industries of electronic information, electromechanical machinery and fine chemicals. 135 of the enterprises belong to the high-tech category. 
In future, the park will focus on the three leading categories of industry: strategic emerging industries featuring energy-saving light source technologies and biotechnology, high-value-added advanced manufacturing featuring electronic information, electrical-mechanical machinery, auto parts, and fine chemicals, and the modern service industry featuring modern logistics, e-commerce, headquarters economy, science and technology services, supporting services for commercial and residential buildings, and finance. The zone is expected to generate an annual output value of 100 billion yuan by the end of 2018, 80 billion yuan of which by industrial enterprises.


Jiangmen Industrial Transfer Park

Location: Kaiping, Enping and Taishan

The park, with a total planned area of 1121.62 hectares, is Guagndong’s demonstrative industrial transfer park. It consists of the Kaiping, Enping and Taishan Sections. The Kaiping section focuses on the development of high-end hardware machinery and equipment manufacturing and the new fiber material textile industry and encourages the development of new materials. The Enping section focuses on the development of electronic information industry featuring new light sources, electrical and electronic audio-visual equipment and advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing, and will appropriately develop the new energy industry. The Taishan section focuses on the development of nuclear power equipment and advanced equipment manufacturing featuring auto parts. By the end of 2014, the park had introduced 285 projects with a total investment of 55.909 billion yuan.

Binjiang (Riverside) New City

Location: Pengjiang District

The Binjiang (Riverside) New City is located in the northern part of Jiangmen City, with a planned area of 174.4 square kilometers and a planned population of 600,000. Its development orientation: Taking advantage of the West River, receiving the industrial radiation of Guangzhou and Foshan, playing the role of an innovation driving engine, and building a modern riverside ecologically-friendly garden-style new city integrating big manufacturing, big data, and big health industries, and conducive to production, urban development and human development.

The southwest part of the district is the Jiangsha Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Park, a branch of Jiangmen High-tech Zone with a planned area of 9.53 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of high-end precision electronics and health food industries. It is expected that by 2020 the park will achieve an annual industrial output value of over 100 billon yuan.

The southern part is the start-up zone with an area of 26 square kilometers, focusing on commercial and residential facilities and public facilities projects.

The central part is its functional area mainly responsible for undertaking municipal comprehensive public service and daily office operations.

The northern part is an ecological tourism and leisure area designed as an important leisure tourism destination and an ecologically friendly livable district.

Xinhui Economic Development Zone

Location: Xinhui District, Jiangmen, Guangdong

The Xinhui Economic Development Zone is one of the 10 biggest advanced economic development zones in Guangdong, a key park for private technology companies under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The zone now houses over 360 foreign-funded enterprises and domestic private industry and commerce enterprises. The Swiss ABB, Bao Yuan Optics Co. Ltd, JiangYu Group, Guang Neng Da Power Equipment Co. Ltd, Chongqing Lifan Motorcycle Production Base, and Guangdong Huaguan Steel have settled in the zone and it has developed 7 industries including power equipment, optical instruments, information industry, fine chemical industry, textile and clothing, steel smelting and hardware & stainless steel. In recent years, the zone's production has been increasing at an annual rate of more than 25% and it has become an important base for Xinhui to recruit investment and develop its port-surrounding economy.


Taishan New Industrial Town

Location: Taishan

Taishan New Industrial Town is located in northern Taishan, with a total planned area of 138 square kilometers. In 2014 recruited 21 projects with a total investment of 1.62 billion yuan including a 5 billion yuan AVIC Special Equipment Corp. manufacturing base, a 8 billion yuan Guangdong Leixun New and Green Energy Co. Ltd project and a 3.2 billion yuan Huadian LNG project.

Heshan Industrial Town

Location: Heshan

Heshan Industrial Town currently has two sections (Hecheng and Zhishan) with a total area of 927.6521 hectares. It focuses on heavy equipment manufacturing featuring vehicle parts for special vehicles and new energy vehicles, and will also develop electronic information and new materials industries. Recently, Heshan city government has set about the 46 projects signed last year with a total investment of 22.6 billion yuan.

★Guangdong Rail Transportation Equipment Industrial Park

Location: Xinhui District

Guangdong Rail Transportation Equipment Park consists of an equipment– making-and-repair base and a supporting industrial base. Its preliminary planned area for use is 1300 mu (87 hectares) and its total planned area will reach 6600 mu (440 hectares). The base is designed to manufacture 140-, 160-, 200-kilo/hintercity EMUs and will provide rail vehicle frame repair and overhaul repair service. In 2013, the first Harmony intercity train made in Jiangmen went off the production line.

★Yinzhouhu Paper-making Base

Location: Xinhui District

Yinzhouhu Paper-making Base is one of the three paper-making bases planned by Guangdong province, one of the first batch of circular economy pilot spots and a member of China's second batch of circular economy pilot parks.

The base features paper-making and related industries and will be constructed in three five-year phases and involve a total investment of 98.1 billion yuan. It will achieve a production scale of 10.4 million tons of paper and paperboard. After a few years of development, the base has begun to take shape and is now home to 25 paper-making enterprises including Guangdong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd, Asia Pacific Paper, and Vinda Paper Co. Ltd.

★Yamen Electroplating Base

Location: Xinhui District

Yamen Electroplating Base is built in strict accordance with the unified planning by the provincial government and is up to environmental protection standards. Its leading industry is metal surface treatment for precision casting, machinery and electronics, hardware, plumbing equipment and auto parts. At present it contains over 30 enterprises.

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