A Key Region for Developing Advanced Manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta

In January 2009, the Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020) was promulgated for implementation, which designates Jiangmen as a region for developing advanced manufacturing. Driven by the "Outline", Jiangmen’s strategic and emerging industries are booming and its new energy, new light source, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, and green household appliances (new electronic information) industries are rapidly emerging.

In 2014, the Guangdong provincial government formulated the strategic plan to build the west of the Pearl River Delta into an advanced equipment manufacturing belt clearly designated Jiangmen as “the main battlefield”. It required Jiangmen to vigorously develop the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and strive to become a new growth point on the West Bank of the Pearl River. To implement the plan, Jiangmen municipal government promulgated formulate one program (Jiangmen Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Work Program (2014-2020)) and five action plans (leading enterprises cultivation plan, enterprise upgrading and transformation plan, industry platform expansion and efficiency-improving plan, major projects breakthrough plan, and production-city integration and revitalization plan). By 2020, Jiangmen’s annual output value of advanced equipment manufactured by industrial enterprises above a certain scale in Jiangmen will have exceeded 330 billion yuan.

Nuclear Energy   The Taishan Nuclear Power Project is a third-generation advanced nuclear-powered one jointly developed by China and France. Its first phase project includes two units, each with a capacity of 1.75 million kilowatts, the largest in the world.

Windpower Energy   Jiangmen has obtained approval to build 7 wind farms with a total of 383 generation units and a combined installed capacity of 345,700 kilowatts. Of these farms, the Duanfen, Wencun, Guanghai, the Shangchuan and Xiachuan Islands wind farms have been put into operation.

Clean Energy (Nuclear Power) Equipment Industry    Taishan Clean Energy (Nuclear Power) Industrial Park, with a total planned area of 8250 mu (550 hectares), focuses on developing nuclear and conventional island auxiliary equipment, nuclear power station peripheral facilities as well as nuclear power auxiliary equipment design, research and development, and services. It is predicted that by 2020 its industrial production value will reach 22 billion yuan.


The LED Industry  Currently, Jiangmen has more than 100 enterprises engaged in the production of green (semiconductor) lighting devices and more than 1,000 associated companies. In 2014, they achieved an output value of 27.175 billion yuan. Jiangmen’s output of epitaxial silicon chips leads the province and its related proprietary technology is in a leading position both domestically and internationally.

The Rail Vehicle Equipment Industry The China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corp’s Guangdong Rail Vehicle Building and Repair Project is going on smoothly. After the first phase is completed, it will have developed an annual capacity for building 400 intercity EMUs and conducting third-level repair for 65 EMUs and forth-level and fifth-level repair for 35 EMUs respectively, and will become a leading manufacturing enterprise and a core building and repair base for EMUs in the Pearl River Delta. After the whole project is put into production, it is expected to generate an industrial scale worth up to a hundred billion yuan.

Automobile Spare Parts Industry   Jiangmen is one of the important auto parts production bases of Guangdong and manufactures over 50 kinds of auto spare parts including hubs, jacks, and steering units. The market share of its wheel hubs leads the country. The settlement of the leading enterprise in vehicle axles FUWA HEAVYINDUSTRIES CO.LTD in Taishan, Jiangmen will bring about the rapid development of Jiangmen's auto parts industry.

New Chemical Fiber Materials Jiangmen's traditional pillar industry – the chemical fiber textile industry—ranks first in Guangdong and third in China. It has developed high-strength special fibers used in aviation, military equipment, and deep-sea operations.

Green Household Appliances  Jiangmen has made vigorous efforts to develop a green home appliance industry and is striving to create new economic growth poles. Hisense, Kennede Electronics MFG Co., LTD, Jin Yuan Electrical Appliances, and HANYU have settled in Jiangmen, and after the completion of their projects, will generate an annual output value of over 100 billion yuan.

Jiangmen's relatively complete industrial system also includes the making of motorcycles and motorcycle parts, textile and clothing, papermaking, foodstuff, packaging materials, bathroom hardware, printing, and electric machinery.

Shipbuilding Industry  Jiangmen is an important shipbuilding base in Guangdong Province and mainly manufactures small and medium sized ships. It has basically formed a complete industrial chain featuring shipbuilding, ship repairing, ship-breaking and shipping service, integrating upstream and downstream enterprises.

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