Service Contacts


Jiangmen Government Network
Jiangmen Administrative Service Center
Contact: Zhang Jianming   Tel: 0750 -3871128
Jiangmen Government Information Consulting Center

Contact: Kuang Xiaoning  Tel: 0750-3272270



Jiangmen Development and Reform Bureau
Contact: Wu Zhaobo  Tel: 0750 -3871188

Jiangmen Economy and Informationization Bureau
Contact: Tan Lirong  Tel: 0750 -3871393

Jiangmen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
Contact: Huang Yuewang  Tel: 0750 -3871268

Jiangmen Environmental and Resources Protection Bureau
Contact: He Weiming   Tel: 0750 -3871166

Jiangmen Bureau of Housing and Urban and Rural Development
Contact: Lin Bocai  Tel: 0750 -3871177



Jiangmen Commerce and Industry Administration
Contact: Li Guoxiong  Tel: 0750 -3871044

Jiangmen Local Revenues Bureau
Contact: Yan Yong  Tel: 0750 -3871318

Jiangmen Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations

Contact: Li Jianwen   Tel: 0750 -3871089

Jiangmen Land and Resources Bureau
Contact: Shen Zhonghua  Tel: 0750 -3871298

Jiangmen Urban and Rural Planning Bureau
Contact: LI Xiaofei   Tel: 0750 -3871365

Jiangmen National Taxes Bureau
Contact: Zhang Weichao  Tel: 0750 -3871463

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